Here are just some of the services we offer at North Bay Designs. To take advantage of them all, select one of our comprehensive, great value packages. If the feature you had in mind isn't present, there's a good chance we can still accomodate your project- just send us a free Custom Quote Request.

Comprehensive Consultation. Leave it to us.

You may have noticed that we only offer up to 2 concepts with our logo packages. Whilst you may feel this is low, it is actually a part of our 'Comprehensive Consultation' service. When choosing us to create a new logo for your company, you're investing in our experience in the field to create the optimal logo for you. And so, rather than putting little thought into several designs, we tailor make the ideal logo which is effective, eye catching and memorable. We will present to you all the stages in development that have been taken to reach it in a case study of your logo, once it is complete and you are happy with it.

Vectors. Make it big.

Vector files are quite different from normal images. Instead of having a fixed sized - vector images save mathematical vector instructions to tell the computer how to construct the image. This means you can have your logo at virtually any size - with no loss in quality or pixelation which would occur with normal images. This means you can emblazon your logo on a huge billboard, at the same crisp high quality!

Logo Variants. Because one size doesn't fit all.

We offer up to 4 variants of your logo with our Logo Packages. This is because we understand that your logo must be flexible enough to suit a variety of different situations - and just one logo won't do the job. Hence, we offer variants such as badge logos, perfect for narrow viewports, and alternative colour-themes to suit different backgrounds - especially useful when printing.


We offer all of the common formats for your logo, including .png, .jpg, .gif, .tff and the original .psd files - all of which have their own benefits for use. We also offer the three main vector formats: .svg, .eps and .ai - so your logo files will be compatible with a whole range of software.

Custom Graphics.

Our service doesn't stop at logos! North Bay Designs is the perfect Graphics Design partner for your company, and we will happily tackle any need you may have. This includes leaflets, flyers, posters and much more - simply send us an email, or use the custom quote request form for a free valuation!